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Welcome to PRF

Piranha Racing fuel is designed by RC Champions for RC Racers in a specific application – Nitro Off-Road RC. Look no further! everything you have wished for in a Nitro Race Fuel is right here. Piranha Racing Fuel produces more power than standard fuels, allowing for a crisp clean tune every time. The latest advances in oil technology have been used in the Piranha Racing Fuel blend to ensure extended internal bearing life, internal A.B.C protection & increased performance over other tested fuels.. We are constantly on the look out for new Distributors Worldwide, if you are interested in distributing Piranha Racing Fuel in your country please use the “contact” form to get in touch!

Piranha Racing Fuel Team would like to welcome Darren Bloomfield & Jerome Sartel.

PRF Welcomes Darren Bloomfield & Jerome Sartel

PRF Welcomes Darren Bloomfield & Jerome Sartel

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